Oysters Health Benefits

Here are some benefits of Oysters that you should learn about:

*Oysters are the most concentrated natural source of zinc, which is essential to maintaining a strong immune system, supports wound healing, maintains the senses of taste and smell. Zinc deficiency can result in symptoms such as slow growth, poor appetite, decreased wound healing, loss of hair, impaired senses of taste and smell, more frequent infections.

* Oyster is a good source of protein, each serving of six medium oysters contains six grams of protein. The protein found in oysters is high in tyrosine, an amino acid used by the brain to help regulate mood and adapt to stress.

* Oyster is low in fat and calories. A serving of oysters contains just 2 grams of fat.

* Oyster is low in cholesterol, it only contain 55mg of cholesterol per serving.

* Oyster help maintain collagen and elastin fibers that give skin its firmness and help prevent sagging and wrinkles

* Oyster is a known aphrodisiac because it is rich in amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones. Another reason is that high zinc content of oyster aids in the production of testosterone.

* Oyster can help improve vision.

* Oyster is also rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A.

Kanha Kv

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